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2014 Fall Invitational

2014 at Chilton Speedway

2014 Chilton Fall Invitational =

52 Races = 742 Total Laps =

Hours of Dirt Track Racing Action

By Mary Burbach


Friday & Saturday, September 19th and 20th, 2014 – Chilton, Wisconsin ~ 2014 Chilton Fall Invitational started with 31 qualifying heat races on Friday night in 10 race divisions.  When the competitors returned to the “Biggest Race at the Smallest Track”, 275 cars were signed in for Saturday’s program.  On schedule were 11 B-Main races to give racers a final qualifying chance into the main events and 10 A-Main races. 


            In their first appearance at the Chilton Fall Invitational, the 600-Micro Sprints faced a 30-lap main event as the first of ten divisions to entertain the crowd in the 2-day event.  At the drop of the green flag, Sun Prairie’s # 91 Brandon Sletten, who won his heat on Friday night,  motored to the early lead with #4 Vance Lein of Edgerton moving from his third-row starting position to take over second after the first lap.  Through a couple early yellow flag incidents, Sletten and Lein set the pace with heat winner # 71 Jared Cech of Rhinelander, # 5 Zach Boden of Cambridge and # 44 Dusty Gerrits of Waupun securing early top five spots.  Just before a halt in the racing action after lap seven, # 21 Will Gerrits also of Waupun passed Dusty to take over fifth place.  When the green flag flew again, Will Gerrits flew by Boden and Cech to challenge the front runners for control of the race.  Two laps later, Gerrits slid passed Lein to take second place.  Now the battle was set between, heat winner Sletten and challenger Gerrits.  Six laps later, Gerrits goal was achieved as he beat Sletten to the line to take over the lead.  Within moments, Gerrits maneuvered around a lapped car to try to distance his car out in front but back to back cautions would remove the lapped car and line up now challenger Sletten and Boden directly behind him.  In a final four lap dash, Gerrits held off the competition to win the first Chilton Fall Invitational-“T3 Ranch & Quality Alfalfa” Micro Sprint A-Main.  Sletten held onto second with Boden, Cech and # 9e Norm Ehrke of Fort Atkinson rounding out the top five.


            In the first of two feature races to run straight from green flag to checkered without a caution, 20 of the “Jerovitz Motorsports Shock Service” - Modifieds roared onto the Chilton track for a 30-lap main event.  When the green flag flew, Green Bay’s # 01 Troy Jerovetz charged into the lead with heat winner # 775 Eric Scribner of Kiel chasing him down.  As Scribner focused on the front runner, Algoma’s # 3k Todd Dart maneuvered his car into third by lap three and began reeling in the challenger.  Two laps later, Dart made his move and secured second behind leader Jerovetz. As Dart chased down the top spot, heat winner # 8 Jay Matthias of Green Bay ran door to door with Scribner through the line in lap 7.  Using the inside groove, leader Jerovetz tried to outdistance Dart who had threw his car to the high side of the track to pull within striking distance of the leader.  Matthias chose the inside groove to chase down the top two. Two laps later, Dart took the lead by a bumper at the flagstand but by turn two, Jerovetz would be in the lead again.  In lap 10, Jerovetz inched passed the line in the lead.  The “back-and-forth” leader changed continued for another five laps with each testing different positions on the track to come out in front but Jerovetz inched into the lead at the line each lap.  Just after the halfway mark, lap 15, Dart again threw his car to the high side of the track and pulled slightly ahead of Jerovetz at the line to be counted as the new leader.  In the same lap, B-Main winner # 77 Mike Wedelstadt of Fremont joined Matthias and Scribner in the top five.  The front runners, Dart and Jerovetz, battled around a lapped car to still cross the lines with inches separating their cars in lap 17.  Dart seemed focused to put distance between his lead and the challenger as he charged though some additional lapped traffic to secure his lead.  Heat winner # 21cz Tim Czarneski of Denmark jumped into the top five on lap 23 to join the final 7-lap chase.  When the checkered flag flew, Dart charged though to win the 2014 Chilton Fall Invitational Modified main event.  Jerovetz finished a solid second with Wedelstadt, and heat winners, Matthias and Czarneski rounding out the top five.

            In the “TD Graphics of West Bend” Late Models A-Main event, heat winner Waukesha’s # 74m Mitch McGrath grabbed the early lead with heat winner # 89 Brad Mueller of Random Lake in the challenge spot.  # 10 Paul Parker of DePere, # 15s Taylor Scheffler of Waukesha and # 70 Jim Schmidt of Cleveland charged into the top spots right from the green flag to create a hard-charging top five for the 40-lap main event.  At the line in lap four, Mueller slid into the lead with now McGrath as the challenger.  Two laps later, rookie Scheffler dove into third to begin his chase for the lead but Parker took back the spot a couple laps later.  Just before the half-way point of the race, McGrath made his move and took back the lead from Mueller in lap 18.  As the battle between McGrath and Mueller heated up, Parker threw his car into the mix.  At the line in lap 24, Parker took over second by a bumper just before he experienced mechanical problems that landed him in the pit area.  # 7 Joel Bennett of Hortonville joined the top five behind Scheffler in third.  A couple of caution flags halted the hard-charging action on the track in lap 30 and relined up the competitors for the final 10 laps to the checkered flag.  When leader McGrath lined up in the restart, mechanical problems with his car forced him into the pits not to return.  Mueller, the challenger became the leader, with Scheffler, Bennett, Schmidt and # 97 Justin Schmidt of Cleveland focused on passing him.  In the remaining 10 laps, Scheffler pressured Mueller for the lead but Mueller fended off rookie Scheffler to charge through the checkered flag to win the 2014 Chilton Fall Invitational “TD Graphics of West Bend” Grand National A-Main.  Scheffler followed in second with Bennett, Jim Schmidt and Justin Schmidt rounding out the top five.


            An early battle developed for the lead in the “Behling Circle Track” – 360 Sprint A-Main as three different competitors held the lead in the first six laps.  Waldo’s # 2c Chris Clayton held the top spot in laps one and two.  # 24 Scott Conger of Eagle took over the lead for the next three laps with # 25 Danny Schlafer of Sussex battling behind him for second with Clayton.  When Schlafer broke free from Clayton in lap five, he chased after leader Conger.  A lap later, Schlafer inched out Conger at the line to take over the lead.  In the next lap, Kewaskum’s # 53 Shane Wenninger challenged Clayton for the third position.  As leader Schlafer approached lapped traffic in lap eight, Conger and Wenninger had track-space between them and the top runner.  In the same lap, heat winner # 55w Robby Wirth of Milwaukee joined the top five behind early leader Clayton. Three laps later, Wenninger made his move and took the challenge spot from Conger, now focusing on reeling in Schlafer.  With the half-way mark of lap 15 approached, Wenninger was pulling closer to Schlafer and threw his car to the high groove on the track to pressure for control of the race.  With lapped traffic coming between the lead and second place, Schlafer and Wenninger continued their battle until two quick cautions halted the racing action in laps 19 and 21.  When the green flag flew for the remaining nine laps of the race, Schlafer wasted no time in securing the lead and fending of challenger Wenninger.  Schlafer charged through the laps to win the 2014 Chilton Fall Invitational 360 Sprint A-Main.  Wenninger, Conger, Wirth and Plymouth’s # 15m Justin Miller rounded out the top five.


            When the green flag flew for the “Suburban Harley Davidson-Thiensville” Grand National A-Main, # 7s Tim Simon of St. Peter commanded the lead with # 37L Brad Lubach of Kiel and # 17x Mark Kuhfuss of Sheboygan Falls battling for the challenge position. Lubach moved into second on the first lap but Kuhfuss threw his car to the outside groove to take over the spot in lap four.  Lubach battled back and re-secured second place by lap seven but Kuhfuss was not done yet, and another three laps later, Kuhfuss took back the challenge spot and began his pursuit of leader Simon.  At the half-way mark, in lap 15, Simon held a healthy lead over the challengers with Kuhfuss and Lubach still battling for second and # 1s Charlie Sancinati of West Allis and heat winner Roger Lee of Wind Lake behind them in the top five.  Five laps later, it looked as if the outside groove was working for challenger Kuhfuss as he gained on leader Simon.  Fifth place Lee began a back-and-forth battle with heat winner # 54 Matt Yancey of Sheboygan Falls with each driver securing and then losing fifth place before Lee pulled solidly into fifth in lap 23.  Two laps later, after laps of Kuhfuss closing the gap between the lead and second place, Simon charged out on his own in front to hold onto control of the race.  As the laps counted down, the competition heated up with three-wide racing down the backstretch.  Just as the finish seemed secured, a final caution flag halted the racing action in lap 37 with only three laps left in the race.  On the restart, after the cars were relined up, leader Simon had mechanical problems causing him to retire to the pit area.  Kuhfuss lined up in front alone as the leader with Lubach and Lee directly behind him.  When the green flag flew for the final three lap dash to the checkered, Lubach wasted no time in charging into the top spot.  At the flag, Lubach won the “Suburban Harley Davidson-Thiensville” Grand National A-Main event.  Kuhfuss followed in second with heat winner # 19j Justin Green of Sheboygan Falls making a late laps pass to finish third.  Heat winners Yancey and Lee rounded out the top five. 


            In the “Action Auto Service-Kaukauna” Sport Mods 25-lap A-Main, Sheboygan’s

# 7s Travis Arenz charged into the early lead with # 18L Randy LeMieux of Sturgeon Bay and # 31 Jarred Van Laanen of Green Bay on his bumper.  With leader Arenz out in front, Van Laanen took over the second spot in lap four with # 21s Steve Schneider of Chilton pulling in behind him in third one lap later.  Schneider continued his charge and took over the challenge position in lap seven.  Two laps later, Schneider took the lead from Arenz.  Just as the half-way mark was hit in the race, in lap 13, the first and only caution appeared and pulled the cars back together.  When the green flag flew, Schneider charged out in front with Arenz and heat winner # 77 Dion Wahl of Omro chasing him down.  In lap 15, Wahl took control of the challenge spot with # 74kz Brian Bruechert of Kewaunee following into third one lap later.  B-Main transfer car # 11s Jeff Schmuhl of Columbus joined the top five in lap 22 for the final three laps to the end. At the checkered flag, heat winner Schneider charged through to win the main event with heat winner Wahl, Bruechert, Arenz and Schmuhl rounding out the top five.


The “Victory Sign of Suamico” IMCA Stock Car 30-lap A-Main charged onto the track with heat winner # 007 Luke Lemmens of Kewaunee commanding the early lead at the drop of the green flag with another heat winner # 3 Billy Lemieux of Sturgeon Bay, # 95 Josh VanHaren of Abrams and # 96 Mark Schueneman of Boulder Junction chasing him down.  When the first and only yellow flag halted the racing action in lap 6, Lemmens charged out into the lead again, this time with Schueneman racing into the challenge position.  LeMieux held onto third with # 10 Matt Juno of Casco moving into fourth.  By the halfway point of the race, in lap 15, leader Lemmens and challenger Schieneman had distanced their cars comfortable from the rest of the competitors.  Lemieux raced alone to catch them with Juno now battling with # 77 Barry Van Straten of Shioctin for fourth.  As the leaders began lapping traffic in lap 20, Van Straten had charged into third and set his sights on the front runners.  With only the final 10 laps to race, Schueneman threw his car to the high side of the track to pressure Lemmens of control of the race.  When the high side didn’t seem to work, Schueneman tucked his car down low coming across the line in lap 22.  Leader Lemmens still held him off and began lapping cars again.  When the checkered flag flew, Lemmens charged through to win the 2014 Chilton Fall Invitational IMCA Stock Car A-Main.  Schueneman followed in second with heat winner Lemieux, Van Straten and B-Main transfer car # 57 John Heinz of Green Bay rounding out the top five.


            When the green flag flew on the 25-lap “Johnny’s Race Parts” Street Stock A-Main, Oshkosh’s # 10x Jerry Winkler wasted no time in grabbing the top spot with # 12 Jeff Jungwirth also of Oshkosh and # 13 Jeremy Jauquat of Luxemburg on his bumper.  By lap eight, leader Winkler had half a front stretch lead over the competitors but when the first caution appeared in lap 13, the lead was erased and Jungwirth and now # 8 Tony Everard of Green Bay  were lined up directly behind him.  When the green flag flew again, Winkler began distancing his car out in front with Everard taking over the challenge spot three laps later.   Just as heat winner # 42s Lexi Aschcraft of Oshkosh took over third in lap 19, another caution pulled leader Winkler back to the field.  At the green flag, Everard and Aschcraft now flanked leader Winkler for the final six laps of the race.  Winkler again commanded out into the lead now with Aschcraft assuming the challenge spot followed by Everard, # 55 Andy Fuhrmann of Brillion and # 87 Jeff Steenbergen of Watertown racing in the top five.  With his healthy lead, Winkler charged through the checkered flag to win the 2014 Chilton Fall Invitational Street Stock A-Main.  Heat winner Aschcraft followed in second with Everard in third.  Battling back and forth in the final laps, Fuhrmann finished fourth with Steenbergen rounding out the top five.


            Heat winner # 9 Marcus Moede of Algoma charged into the lead at the drop of the green flag in the “Wisconsin Refrigeration Express of Sheboygan” IMCA Hobby 25-lap A-Main.  The other heat winner # 13 Eugene Greorich of Amherst raced into second in the early laps but after a series of restarts, # 14 Dave Schmidt of Casco grapped the challenge spot in lap six.  Greorich raced bumper to bumper with Schmidt waiting for the chance to advance.  When back to back restarts occurred in lap 11, Greorich lined up outside Schmidt and behind leader Moede.  Greorich wasted no time, taking over second a lap later and continuing his charge into the lead in lap 13.  As new leader Greorich set the pace for the remaining laps, Moede chased him down to regain his lead with Schmidt sticking to his bumper.  At the checkered flag, heat winner Greorich charged through to win the 2014 Chilton Fall Invitational IMCA Hobby Stock A-Main.  Heat winner Moede followed in second with Schmidt, # 8s Geno Sternard of Brussels, and # 91 Eric Micolicheck of Luxemburg rounding out the top five.


            In the second feature race to run green flag to checkered without a restart, the “Kaiser Wrecking of Adell” 4-Cylinder 25-lap A-Main began with three-wide racing through the turns in the early laps of the race.  When the green flag flew, local driver from Chilton

# 3g Branden Goeser grabbed the early lead with heat winner # 4 Shaun Bangart also of Chilton chasing him down.  Bangart took the lead in lap four with heat winner # 35 Calvin Strueck of Clintonville moving into second a lap later.  Bangart created a healthy lead over Strueck and the field as he began lapping other competitors.  When Stueck broke free of the lapped cars, he focused on catching up to leader Bangart with half the race remaining.  Stueck threw his car to the high groove as Bangart raced low on the track in lap 20.  Bangart remained in the lead at the line.  A lap later, Bangart drove high and Stueck tucked inside him but Bangart was still held the lead in lap 21.  As Bangart and Stueck crossed the finish line, only inches separated first and second places and neither secured a strong lead.  Coming around to complete lap 22, with now Stueck out high and Bangart down low, Stueck scored the lead at the line.  The lead changed a couple times around the track as still neither driver commanded the position.  At the line in the next lap, Stueck tucked inside and Bangart outside with Stueck in the lead by inches.  As Stueck and Bangart charged into turns one and two, Stueck charged into a safer lead and raced down the backstretch.  When the checkered flag flew, heat winner Stueck charged through to win the 2014 Chilton Fall Invitational 4-Cylinder A-Main.  Heat winner Bangart followed in second with # 76 Mike Montie of Abrams, heat winner #23b Matthew Brehmer of Green Bay and B-Main winner # 192 Kyle Stark of Waterloo rounded out the top five.


            For more information about the Chilton Fall Invitational races or to keep up-to-date on next year’s events, please visit the race website at or visit their Facebook page at








Summary:  2014 Chilton Fall Invitational


“Jerovitz Motorsports Shock Service” - Modifieds:                                


Heat # 1:  # 8 Jay Matthias, Green Bay;  # 01 Troy Jerovetz, Green Bay;  #3m Randy Markwardt, Sheboygan Falls


Heat # 2:  # 24g Greg Gretz, Kewaunee; #66 Jared Siefert, Luxemburg; # 8d Brian Drexler, Oshkosh;


Heat # 3:  # 21 cz  Tim Czarnwski, Denmark;  # 3k Todd Dart, Algoma;  # 77 Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont;


Heat # 4:  # 775 Erik Schrieber, Kiel; # 4m Jerry Muenster, Green Bay;  # k9 Tyler Wilson, Krakow;



A-Main ( 30 laps) : # 3k Todd Dart, Algoma;  # 01 Troy Jerovetz, Green Bay;  # 77 Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont;  # 8 Jay Matthias, Green Bay;  # 21cz Tim Czarneski, Denmark;   # 775 Eric Scribner, Kiel; # 21L Brad Lautenbach, New Franken;  #9 Eric Mahlik, Green Bay;  # 8d Brian Drexler, Oshkosh; # 24g Greg Gretz, Kewaunee;


B-Main # 1 ( 15 laps): # 68 Mark Josti, Denmark; # 3m Randy Markwardt, Sheboygan Falls; # 57 Scott Kuxhouse, Antioch, IL;  # 67 Mike Joski, Green Bay;


B-Main # 2 ( 15 laps): # 77 Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont;  # 9 Eric Mahlik, Green Bay;

 # 88x Shawn Frelik, Kaukauna; # 69 TJ Smith, Menasha;




“TD Graphics of  West Bend” - Late Models:


Heat # 1:  # 74m Mitch McGrath, Waukesha;  # 15s Taylor Scheffler, Waukesha; 

#97 Justin Schmidt, Cleveland;


Heat # 2:  # 89 Brad Mueller, Random Lake;  # 70 Jim Schmidt, Cleveland;  #10 Paul Parker, DePere;



A-Main ( 40 laps) : # 89 Brad Mueller, Random Lake; # 15s Taylor Scheffler, Waukesha; # 7 Joel Bennett, Hortonville;  # 70 Jim Schmidt, Cleveland;  # 97 Justin Schmidt, Cleveland; # 3m  Randy Markwardt, Sheboygan;  # 27h Justin Hirt, Seymour;     # 21sr Ted Dolhun Sr., Franklin; # 27j Derek Janke, New London; # 95w Aaron Wickersheim, White Lake;






“Behling Circle Track” - 360 Sprints:


Heat # 1:  # 55w Robby Wirth, Milwaukee;  # 4 Paul Pokorski, West Bend; # 12w Josh Walter, Plymouth;


Heat # 2:  # 6k Kurt Davis, West Allis   # 53  Shane Wenninger, Kewaskum; 

# 15m Justin Miller, Plymouth;



A-Main ( 30 laps) : # 25 Danny Schlafer, Sussex; # 53 Shane Wenninger, Kewaskum;    # 24 Scott Conger, Eagle; # 55w Robby Wirth, Milwaukee; # 15m Justin Miller, Plymouth;  # 6k Kurt Davis, West Allis; # 12w Josh Walter, Plymouth; # 2c Chris Clayton, Waldo; # 4 Paul Pokorski, West Bend; # 08 John Krebsbach, Cascade;






“Suburban Harley Davidson-Thiensville” - Grand Nationals:


Heat # 1:  # 19j Justin Green, Sheboygan Falls; # 7s Tim Simon, Fond du Lac;

 #1s Charlie Sancinati, West Allis;


Heat # 2:  # 10 Roger Lee, Wind Lake; # 55 Melissa Singer, Waldo; #17x  Mark Kuhfuss, Sheboygan Falls;


Heat # 3:  # 99s Don Sorce Jr., West Allis; #37L Brad Lubach, Kiel;  #34 Steven Weber, Plymouth;


Heat # 4:  # 54 Matt Yancey, Sheboygan;  #09 Brian Vinney Jr., Fond du Lac;  #69t Tim Thompson, Campbellsport;



A-Main ( 30 laps) : # 37L Brad Lubach, Kiel; # 17x Mark Kuhfuss, Sheboygan Falls;

 # 19j Justin Green, Sheboygan Falls;  # 54 Matt Yancey, Sheboygan; # 10 Roger Lee, Wind Lake; # 99s Don Sorce Jr., West Allis;  # 12p JJ Pagel, St, Cloud;  # 21x Kevin Lubach, Elkhart Lake;    # 70 Steven Wirtz, Milwaukee;  # 09 Brian Vinney Jr., Fond du Lac;


B-Main # 1 ( 15 laps): # 34 Steven Weber, Plymouth;  # 21x Kevin Lubach, Elkhart Lake; # 44w Kodiak Wirtz, Menomonee Falls; # 12p JJ Pagel, St, Cloud;



B-Main # 2 (15 laps): # 42 Patrick Marcott, Menomonee Falls; # 38s Aaron Strebloew, Waupun; # 21f Jason Fish, Appleton;  # x  Brian Cesar, Sheboygan;





“Action Auto Service-Kaukauna”  Sport Mods:


Heat # 1:  # 77 Dion Wahl, Omro;  # 74kz Brian Bruechert, Kewaunee; # 7s Travis Arenz, Sheboygan;


Heat # 2:  # 21s Steve Schneider, Chilton;  #18L Ryan LeMieux, Sturgeon Bay;

 #8t Tom Stark, Egg Harbor;


Heat # 3:  # 09 Kelsy Hayes, Sturgeon Bay;  #2 Josh Massart, Forestville; 

#22b Brandon Berth, Cascade;


A-Main ( 25 laps) : # 21s Steve Schneider, Chilton;  # 77 Dion Wahl, Omro;  

# 74kz Brian Bruechert, Kewaunee; # 7s Travis Arenz, Sheboygan; # 11s  Jeff Schmuhl, Columbus:   # 18L Ryan LeMieux, Sturgeon Bay;  # 99  Randy LeMieux, Sturgeon Bay;  # 29s Tim Sheppard, Beaver Dam;  # 65 Doug Maurer, DePere; # 8t Tom Stark, Egg Harbor;


B-Main # 1 (15 laps): # 22b Brandon Berth, Cascade; # 11s Jeff Schmuhl, Columbus:   # 24z Jacob Zellner, New Franken; # 2jr Wyatt Block, Tigerton; # 99 Randy LeMieux, Sturgeon Bay;  # 77e Bill Edler, Sheboygan;  # 29s Tim Sheppard, Beaver Dam; 

# 1k Derek Kaye, Green Bay;




“Victory Sign of Suamico” IMCA Stock Cars:


Heat # 1:  # 3 Billy LeMieux, Sturgeon Bay;  # 25 Tony Bouche, Algoma;  #17s Harley Simon, Seymour;


Heat # 2:  # 007 Luke Lemmons, Kewaunee; #55w Shawn Wagner, Lena; # 95 Josh Van Haren, Abrams;


Heat # 3:  # 10 Matt Juno, Casco;  # 96 Mark Schuenemann, Boulder Junction;  #77 Brian Van Straten, Shioctin;


A-Main ( 30 laps) : # 007 Luke Lemmons, Kewaunee; # 96 Mark Schuenemann, Boulder Junction;    # 3 Billy LeMieux, Sturgeon Bay   # 77 Brian Van Straten, Shioctin;

# 57 John Heinz, Green Bay;  # 55w  Shawn Wagner, Lena;  # 10 Matt Juno, Casco;   

# 21 David Bouche, Algoma;  # 21x Josh Mroczkowski , Krakow;   # 17s Harley Simon, Seymour;


B-Main # 1 ( 15laps): # 73 Don Aregoini Jr., Green Bay;  # 18 Bryan Monday, Appleton;   # 21x Josh Mroczkowski , Krakow; # 7 Tyler Derenne, Kewaunee;  # 2 David Reinhardt, Fish Creek;  # 57h Paul Holshoe, Green Bay; # 97 Jamie Suchocki, Forestville;  # 21 David Bouche, Algoma;






“Johnny’s Race Parts” - Street Stocks:


Heat # 1:  # 42a Lexi Aschcraft, Oshkosh;  # 10x  Jerry Winkler, Oshkosh; #71 Edward Anchutz, Kewaunee;


Heat # 2:  # 11 Brandon Peterson, Sturgeon Bay;  #12 Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh; 

#55 Andy Fuhrmann, Brillion;


Heat # 3:  # 4d Brandon Riedner, Waunakee; # 13 Jeremy Jauquet, Luxemburg; 

# 26 Scott Riedner, Waunakee;


Heat # 4:  # 288 Kevn Luedtke, Sturgeon Bay;   # 8 Tony Everard, Green Bay; 

# 21x Justin Lindner, Hortonville;



A-Main ( 25 laps) : # 10 Jerry Winkler, Oshkosh; # 42a Lexi Aschcraft, Oshkosh;

 # 8 Tony Everard, Green Bay;  # 55  Andy Fuhrmann, Brillion; # 87 Jeff Steenbergen, Watertown; # 33b Ryan Blank, Greenville;  # 21x Justin Lindner, Hortonville; 

# 288 Kevin Luedke, Sturgeon Bay;  # 11h Trevor Howard, Kaukauna; # 26 Scott Riedner, Waunakee;


B-Main # 1 ( 15 laps):  # 53 Rob Maule, Hebron, IL; # 3w Jaosn Wirtz, Randoph; 

# 88s Allen Schuleter, Oconto;  # 11h Trevor Howard, Kaukauna;


B-Main # 2 ( 15 laps): # 47h Douglas Engleking, Menomonee Falls; #87 Jeff Steenbergen, Watertown;     # 11a Tim Mueller, New Holstein;   # 14m Wayne Morgan, Oshkosh;


“Wisconsin Refrigeration Express-Sheboygan” - IMCA Hobby:


Heat # 1:  # 13 Eugene Greorich Jr., Amhert;  # 2ez Matt Kaye, Green Bay;  #49 Roger LaViolette, Forestville;


Heat # 2:  # 9 Marcus Moede, Algoma;  # 91 Eric Micolichek, Luzemburg;  # 44 Amber Weidner, Sturgeon Bay;


A-Main (25 laps) : # 13 Eugene Greorich Jr., Amhert;  # 9 Marcus Moede, Algoma;    

# 14 Dave Schmidt, Casco; # 8s Geno Sternard, Brussels;  # 91 Eric Micolichek, Luzemburg;  # 44 Amber Weidner, Sturgeon Bay;










“Kaiser Wrecking of Adell”  4-Cylinders:


Heat # 1:  # 7m Christopher Maas, Oakfield;  # 07m Ben Meyerhofer, Menasha; 

# 76 Mike Montie, Abrams;


Heat # 2:  # 35 Calvin Stueck, Clintonville; #7b Evan Beattie, Little Chute;  # 99 Phillip Wuesthoff, Beaver Dam;


Heat # 3:  # 4 Shaun Bangart, Chilton;  # 27f Tony Fletcher, Greenleaf;  # 77 Brian Johnson, Oconto Falls;


Heat # 4:  # 23b Matthew Brehmer, Green Bay;  # 192 Kyle Stark, Waterloo;  # 7 Scott Schlafke, Escanaba;


Heat # 5: # 14x Jeff Behm, Clintonville; # 141 Joe Ostermann, Niagara   # 3g Branden Goeser, Chilton;


A-Main ( 25 laps) : # 35 Calvin Stueck, Clintonville;  # 4 Shaun Bangart, Chilton;

# 76 Mike Montie, Abrams;  # 23b Matthew Brehmer, Green Bay;  # 192 Kyle Stark, Waterloo;     # 7 Scott Schlafke, Escanaba;  # 19 Kasey Grass, Gleason; # 3g  Branden Goeser, Chilton; # 99 Phillip Wuesthoff, Beaver Dam; # 22jr Ralph Legeois Jr, Oconto;



B-Main # 1 (15 laps): # 22jr Ralph Legeois Jr, Oconto; # 52 Brad Prahl, Luxemburg;

 # 6j Jonathan Otte, Cedar Grove;



B-Main # 2 (15 laps): # 192 Kyle Stark, Waterloo; # 99 Phillip Wuesthoff, Beaver Dam;   # 19 Kasey Grass, Gleason;



B-Main # 3 ( 15 laps): # 513w Joshua Slewinski, Shawano; # 1x Brandon Bubholz, Beaver Dam; # 31s Trevor Spaulding, Greenville;




T3  Ranch & Quality Alfalfa – 600 Micro- Sprints:


Heat # 1:  # 91 Brandon Sletten, Sun Praire;  # 4 Vance Lein, Edgerton; # 44 Dusty Gerrts, Waupun ;


Heat # 2:  # 71c Jared Cech, Rhinelander; # 99t Tyler Brabant, Waupun;  # 7 Jeff Jesberger, Sun Praire;



A-Main (25 laps) : # 21 Will Gerrits, Waupun; # 91 Brandon Sletten, Sun Praire;

# 5 Zach Boden, Cambridge;  # 71 Jared Cech, Rhinelander;  # 9e Norm Ehrke, Fort Atkinson;  # 77  Denver Lason, Neillsville;