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2014 Fall Invitational

2015 at Chilton Speedway

Important updates for the 2015 Fall Invitational:


1) Hobby Stocks will race on their own - that is different from the flyer below!!   The race will pay $650 to win - $75 to start.


2)  No camping or reserving of spots before 12pm Thursday, Line up on the entrance from County Hwy G - there will not be access from behind the grandstands.  

2b) Be polite in line - if you're a jerk in line you'll be sent to the back!  


3)  Camping is free if you have a $35 all access wrist band.   No-one will be permitted into the camping areas without a wrist band.



For Immediate Release:

August 20, 2015 - Chilton, WI


Chilton Speedway’s Final Chapter


At the conclusion of the 2015 Chilton Fall Invitational on Saturday, September 19, Chilton Speedway will close for good.   Chilton Speedway has been the operating name for racing at the Calumet County Fairgrounds over the past 5 seasons.  Racing at Calumet County Fairgrounds dates back to the 1960’s when a half-mile track circled the baseball diamond.  Later the 1/5 mile track and grandstands that exist today were built and have been operated since.  Chilton Speedway’s featured event for the past several years has been the Chilton Fall Invitational that will take place this year on September 18 & 19.  The Chilton Fall Invitational regularly draws high car counts with over 300 total entries in a dozen or more classes and features thousands of laps of door to door excitement.  For more information about the 2015 Chilton Fall Invitational check out  


The promotors of the Chilton Fall Invitational are considering options for a Fall Invitational in 2016 on the same weekend at a location to be determined